A Cat and A Rabbit

A stray cat,
Resting on the ground,
Roll over the yellow, drying grass.
A small rabbit,
Out of nowhere,
Hopping around the grasses,
Choosing the ideal meal.

The rabbit stopped,
Right in front of the drying grass,
While the cat still laying on it.
It hopped around the cat,
Signalling it to move around.

Eventually it wakes up.
The rabbit going for the grass,
Smelling it before eating it.
All of the sudden,
The cat laying beside the rabbit.
But the rabbit doesn’t mind,
It just chewing the dry grass.

Last bite of the grass,
The rabbit wants to move out.
It start hopping,
The cat follows too.
Walking behind it,
Then follow it hop.
The cat loves it.

The cat catch up with the rabbit.
They’re hopping together.
Rabbit eating grass,
Cat catching the bird.
Rabbit hopping around,
Cat chasing around.

One day,
The rabbit found it’s kind.
It leaves the cat behind,
Following the other rabbit.
The cat just watching it happen,
In front of it’s eye.

Now the cat is alone,
Hopping around like a rabbit.
Forgetting it’s true self.
It’s not the same cat anymore,
Since much of it is changed.
The cat lose it’s other half.


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