Last Wish

Dear Putri,

I don’t know if you will read this post. I already post some of this words to your Whatsapp but apparently you already blocked my number. I guess you really want to stay away from me. It’s okay, I understand your intention.

I guess my time is up. I gonna live up with your choice and move on with my life. I hope that your choice will make you feel better. Because watching you sad is bad and I feel bad for it. All that matter most is your happiness. I want to see you happy again. Then that is enough for me.

It’s really sad to see our relationship (read : friendship) ended like this. I’m trying my best to fix the situation but apparently, it doesn’t work and it would never work. Sorry for my long English word but you know me so much right?

I hope so. Because I’m sincere to be your best partner (read : friend) since our first conversation. Trying too hard to be the good man but I’m just a bad guy who trying to steal someone else’s GF. Maybe worst but I accept anything people said to me because I have been educated like that.

This whole week have been the worst duration of my life. Seeing you frustrated, keep arguing with him, pushed me to stop loving you, you avoiding me. It’s really hurt to see how bad our progress are. In the end, I have to let you go. The most painful decision I ever made. Even I know you already made the choice.

Thank you for the sweet memories, some sour experience, one and only meeting with you after a long time (sorry for forcing you to meet me), the lovely present, your gorgeous photo, your beautiful lullaby, your uncensored swear (still love it), your cool voice, your willingness to be my great listener and adviser.

Most important, thank you for coming to my life. The first conversation on the yellow Lotus, will be the most memorable memory about you.

I’m sorry for being the troublemaker, for being far too late, for being the middle man between you and him, for letting you down and fed up with me, for making you sad again and again, for keep counter-swearing to you, for not giving you present in your birthday (I just hope the shirt will arrive to you), for keep giving you boring advice and “bebelan”, making you listen to my long speech.

The most important, I’m sorry for loving you. Loving you when you already been taken. I’m so sorry.

I just hope you’re not removing me from your life, or even your memories. These four years feels too short. I want our friendship to be last forever. But maybe this is not the right time. This is for your own good. My own good too. I want you to know that the door is always open for you if you still need an advice or a boring listener or you need me to be your partner again. I need you, and I hope that time would be the right one.

Don’t forget to manage your face, minimize allergy in your face, never wear contact lens (but if you insist, make laser surgery), update your braces news (it would look great on you), have a talk with your copycat to build a quality bond (I mean, advice her face to face), stay gojes and most important, take care of him. He would be a great man for you if he could manage some of his childish behavior.

I don’t think I could fit all that I want to tell you in this post. I just hope you read this and taking a lesson you need to continue to the daily life. And maybe I would remove the password of our older post because it doesn’t matter anymore. And I wouldn’t unfollow you because I can’t do it and I won’t do it. But, it is your choice to unfollow or block me. I have to accept it.

Just, never say goodbye.

Dear Putri,
Thank you for everything that you did to me. Sorry for everything that I have done to you.

“Minta halal segala makan minum Danny, semoga Putri akan berjaya dunia & akhirat. Danny akan selalu doakan Putri untuk kebahagiaan Putri.”

Take care, my Instant Crush.

Miss you and love you.



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