Box of Memories

Why is it so hard to move on?

Even after I already write about that here, it still a difficult step to get through. Although I already used to have this experience. Dammit.

Even the simple step. Here. I’m intended to move all things that related to her (photo, video, song) away from my phone. Make a backup of all her things into my storage so I could move on and continue my pathetic, boring life.

Sorry. What I mean is, I already copying all things into my hard disk and place it somewhere safe inside. So, I could erase it on my phone since I already have a backup and I won’t need to have a look at it anymore. Well, she’s already being my past.

However, that’s my problem. I still cannot delete it.

What we call it, ah yes. Sentimental. The photo gives me some sentimental value down into memory lane. I know I should move on considering she’s might have move on without me (in fact, she’s totally already move on without me).

But I don’t know. Maybe I need more time. I still have to peek her photo. I still want to hear her voice with the arrangement. I don’t know, maybe I’m too attached to her until it makes me so hard to let her go.

I will remove it. Just, I don’t have the guts to remove it right now.


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