Update 5.0

Marshmallow. Sweet little thing. Lollipop. My favorite sweets. Maybe my favorite Android update too.

New chapter, new life, new reset, new office.

Wait what?

Today I just moved my items from old office to the new one. Saying goodbye to the desk that I’ve share with other officemate. Sounds like moving far away.

But in fact, just moving from ** floor to ** floor in the same building. Haha. At least I got my own table (finally!).


Goodbye old table. Going to miss you. At least I don’t need to share anymore.


Clean and clear. Just wait for the table to get messy just like his owner.

Right now, the benefit that I get is now I have my own table (no need to share socket anymore), lower floor than the old one, a locker for each staff and a much cleaner layout.

The drawback? The space is now very small, the table is smaller than the one in the old office, the pantry is small and my table is near the aircond so I will get cold (again).

I think it’s time to delete her picture. I think I can do it. Then, I will remove the password for some of my old script so you can read it without hesitate. I don’t need to keep it unlocked. I want you to learn from my mistakes.


Anyway, she’s still blocked my Instagram and Twitter. The only person that blocked me. I don’t think she will revert it back. Now we’re just a total stranger.

Just let it be. It’s her decision.

But right now, I feel like I can accepting the harsh reality. It’s not as hurt as the first breakup with her because I already try my best to keep the relationship on. Just it’s not my luck. The first one is much worse as it’s in a sudden.

*And I think her boyfriend is so pissed with me. Like I care at all. Dickhead.*

She’s in her own world right now and I should be happy with it. You know what? I’m totally happy. Because she’s finally found her true happiness (I guess?) and now it’s my turn to find mine. The only issue right now for me is to started back from bottom. From scratch.

It means that I need to start making friends again. Gosh my skills is rusting. Stayed too long with her I guess.

I just hope she would not forgetting me as I would never forgetting the memories with her. But right now, I will keep it safe deep in my heart.

Take care, dear you. May the Force be with you. Always.

Akan ku simpan
Kenangan cinta kita
Yang tak akan terpadam
Kehangatan cintamu
Masih aku terasa
Seperti baru semalam
Kita berpisah

*Rest in peace, Alan Rickman. After all this time. The one who said “Always” to his old love (in the movie).*


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