Day 24.
Okay I still counting the day after she left. But I just count it for fun right now. Maybe to ease the pain? Who knows.

Ever hear about The Pursuit of Happyness?

Yes, it is spell like that. Not that I’m trying to be a grammar Nazi here but that’s the title.

The story about a broke father (Will Smith) trying his best to raise his young child (Jaden Smith, the only film he actually good in it) without his wife in homeless stage.

But that’s not my point.
My point is he trying to make his son happy. By pursuit the opportunity for eternal happiness and giving it all to keeps him happy (daycare, toys).

Now, I trying my best to chase the happiness (right spelling lol) because right now, I’m not happy with myself. Especially in this current state where I’m just a sad, lonely guy.

The moment she left me for that guy (I have mentioned it again and again in older post. Find it) is still haunting me. It’s my daily nightmare. The worst part is when she ask me to move on.

Begging me to move on even it will kills me. But she didn’t even realized that I already died inside when she left me.

But when I think more about it, even if I still with her, am I guarantee to stay with her forever? If destiny still going to separate us, who am I to stop it from happening.

So, like it or not, it is already happened. Now I need to moving forward, continuing my sad, lonely life while flirting with girls outside (no pun intended).

To be honest, I don’t have the spirit to find a new one anymore. Maybe I just fed up when it always end up like that (seriously). Or maybe I just too tired with this shit. You know, tired to be broken-hearted man.

You know what? I think I just wait. Even it takes forever.


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