Update 5.1

Day 31.

Why am I still counting? In fact I almost forgot it until I remember the date, tenth of the month. Dammit.

Anyway, this week is certainly makes me distracted. It’s holiday week so totally I’m in the state of not care of anything else.

Except in certain parts.

After four months, I finally come home to Perth. Just kidding, it’s Perlis. This time, one more time. A last ride.

I’m living in Perlis for 13 years and now I will move out to Singapore. Well, only my family as I continue with my internship in KL and maybe as a staff. Maybe.

But I will occassionally be there and maybe this year, we will celebrate the Eid at Singapore. Yes, maybe. We can only planned for the best, but Allah is the best planner.

I will surely miss this place, a lot. I will come again, as visiters and student of the university if I got the chance to further my study.

Thus, we filling the week with packing up everything that we can bring to Singapore. Every furniture and appliance (except TV) are going to be sold to acquaitance that interested to buy it. The new house is fully furnished, thank God.

Next, choosing the clothes that we want to use and the rest that we don’t want anymore are going to be donated to the needs. They need it more than us.

Later, packing the PC (hell no I will left it behind) and some books that have I may need in handy. The old books, notes and junks will be cleared.

Hell, what a amount of old stuff that we have. Some things that we already forgot it’s existence. Luckily we found it, only that we decided to throw it away lol.

Let’s just hope that Singapore will do some justice to us. Please don’t be suck.

By the way, it’s a 12 hours of journey from TBS. What the fuck.

It’s only from KL to Perlis for God sake. In usual days, it just takes about 6 hours. But this week, everyone wants to go home and the highway is so pack with everyone that not even celebrating Chinese New Year.

Yes I’m also one of them. But I have a reason okay. I want to packing the things. Haha.

At least I will not take the bus again. I will trying the ETS service. So excited. Much prepared. Haha. And I already booking my flight to Singapore after finishing the internship. Hell yeah.

I wonder how is she right now? I know she’s in holiday mood in some island (I know the island), unless the plan is scrapped but I know she was there right now. Enjoying the moment and moving on.

I know, because that’s the decision she made.

Right now, I just double tapping girl’s photo on Instagram (don’t judge me, they’re beautiful. Who doesn’t love it?) and chatting with some girl. Just a simple chat about life. Trust me.

I don’t know, maybe it just to ease the pain and I just like to messing around with people. Wait.

That’s how I start the friendship with her. It’s all start with me messing around when someone starts the conversation, about Yellow Lotus.

Okay I think that’s enough about the tale. Just read the old script.

Now, it seems like I hanging around more with Tia (refer to Love and Music script) because she’s my only place right now to tell a story, updating my life etc. Both of us lost our beloved one right now so I think it’s even.

Will I rebuild the relationship?

I don’t know since we not even declaring our love before, although I put her in the list of exes (refer to Love and Music script, again). I’m too busy focusing on Putri when I completely left Tia hanging.

Yet, she keep forgiving me and accepting me again. She still hold me tight after what happen between us. I just have no idea. Is she the one? I don’t know that either. Maybe I just go with the flow and see what happen next.

If she’s the one, I may need to find a new song. I just don’t want to put much hope. It may failed again. Maybe I’m just a bad luck Ted Mosby.

Searching the girl with yellow umbrella and ask if she even existed.

Update : 31 March 2016, 6.30AM

Meh, scrapped the flow. She’s already found hers. But hey, at least I don’t need to find a song for her lol.


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