Last week was my last time being in Perlis as it’s citizen before moving to Singapore. But before I change my status to visitor, I’ve decided to try using train service to go back to KL.

For the first time ever. In my life. And no, not the old diesel train that needs a day to arrive at destination.

It’s the KTM Electric Train Service or it’s glamor name, ETS.

I don’t want to tell the history about it nor tell the schedule and it’s price. You can find all of that basically in the mighty internet. What I want to say here is my experience using the service.


(Yeah, just standing in front of the station for the memories.)

They said that the train is currently the fastest one in Malaysia. The thing that they do not said is the train’s speed was limited up to 145 km/h. Not fast enough to declare it as fast (or Bullet Train. Nice try, minister).

They also said that the journey from Padang Besar to KL Sentral are now only takes 4 hours. What they do not say is it takes 4 hours if the train not stopped at any station between the journey.


(Waving a goodbye to the state that being with me for the last thirteen years.)

Literally, it takes about 5 hours 15 minutes (not include delays that happened to me. Waiting for about 45 minutes in Tanjung Malim to get clearance from control room) for the train to start from Padang Besar and stopped at :

•Alor Setar
•Sungai Petani
•Bukit Mertajam (twice, before rotate and after rotate)
•Butterworth (last station before rotation of train)
•Parit Buntar
•Kuala Kangsar
•Tapah Road
•Tanjung Malim
•KL Sentral (finally!)

About the train itself, if you ever use KTM Komuter service, it is basically the same feeling. Except the seat is better, have toilet, prayer room and cafe that sells some food and drinks at high price.

When I said some, it means that it is countable.

Otherwise, the service is much better and comfortable than the old train. And the train is fast. Like, as fast as my dad driving his car. Imagine riding a roller coaster. Except it is not open air.


(The face after enduring 6 hours of journey from north state to the capital city.)

The only problem is the price. It’s pricier than a bus and a little cheaper than a plane during it’s promotion month.

But I am assure you, it is as comfort as taking an executive bus, great view during travel (every station that we stopped is rebuild and it looks gorgeous) and less noise.

The most important thing, big space for your luggage. No charge for extra weight. Happy now?

*By the way, Day 38 since the day.*


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