Counting Days

Just want you to know that Manchester United won against Arsenal by 3-2 in Old Trafford.


My reaction when Manchester United won against Arsenal using mostly “second squad” due to many injury of senior player.

I mean like, 14 injuries yet we still win it against the likes of Ozil, Cech and Sanchez using our academy players. What a miracle.

Anyway, five days remaining before my internship with the company A (I still not announce the name) come at end and six days before the journey to Singapore for the first time in, 17 years?

I don’t remember but my mom said I used to go to Singapore at very young age. Which I don’t remember at all.

After internship, what happened next? Well, I got a week off by going to Singapore before heading back to Perlis for InTra’s presentation in front of my lecturers.
It’s going to be interesting. I didn’t even start writing (read: typing) my report yet. The slideshow for the presentation is also missing in action so I may start it later on.

After that, I’m going back to KL to search for a new job. Wait what?

I didn’t get the “permanent” job (the sign because I intended to work until August, just before degree intake) because the job I’m currently working right now is unfortunately full.

My supervisor indeed offer me another job in the company but the job is rather not my specialties (actually don’t have the skills for the job) so I declined. So, five more days then. It was a good experience though.

Getting used with the surrounding, the work ethics, knowing officemate which majority of them are Chinese. Being the minority with some other Malays and an Indian is quite an eye opener for me.

I’m ready for the next adventure. Wait for it.

Day 50.
Starting from today, I will stop counting.

So, I want you to know that wherever you are and whatever you do, I will always pray for your happiness and your safety. May you stay safe and sound. Have fun in your journey and keep smiling because that is what makes you beautiful.

No, it’s not a song. Just my word. Live your life. Viva La Vida. No pun intended.



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