A Week In Singapore

Temasek, Singapura, Singapore.

Long ago, the island lived in peace and harmony. Then everything changed when the Swordfish attack.

Only the Merlion, the icon of the land could stop it. But when the people needed it most, it’s in renovation.

22 years passed and I discovered the new icon, a building named Marina Bay Sands. And although the building is one of it’s kind, it needs more time before it’s ready to take the throne.

But I believe, Marina can save Singapore.

Okay just kidding. I finally finish my four months internship in company A. Before I going to do presentation about it at UniMAP, I start my little adventure to the new place.

Republic of Singapore.

A week in Singapore is quite thrilling eventhough most of the time, I stucked in the new house going nowhere. Quite sad.


(Posing in parking lot of KLIA2 for no apparent reason)

Starts with travelling to KLIA2 together with Ikhwan who send me there (thank you!), I travelled far enough from the parking lot just to go to the boarding gate. The distance between the terminal with the gate is too damn far.


(A typical Airbus A320 if I’m not mistaken)

After a brief passport scan at Immigration, more walking, security check-up at Security Counter and walking again, I finally entered the bloody Air Asia plane. The flight takes one hour from KLIA2 to Changi International Airport.


(The only photo of Changi Airport that I took. Why I do that, dammit brain)

My dad and sister that arrived 15 minutes earlier from Penang awaits me. Then, we took a cab to the new home, area in River Valley. It’s about 15 minutes from Avatar (I mean Marina Bay Sands).


(Quite an impressive apartment in my opinion)

The area containing houses obviously, together with a swimming pool, hall for badminton court and a gym that only have four equipments in it. Other than that, quite satisfactory.


(Just keep swimming, just keep swimming)

Just to be fair, the food price is fair if you getting your salary in Singaporean Dollar. If you are a Malaysian who convert the MYR to SGD like me, trust me. The food is so expensive. SGD1 is around RM3 when converted.

What makes me impressed with Singapore though is the cab service. Professional driver, comfort seat, smooth journey and convenient enough. The building layout is also a lot composed than the rest of cities in Malaysia.

Hats off.

To be honest, I spend more times with family at home than trying to take a walk around Singapore. Maybe because I’m totally miss them, although Arip’s not there lol. Appreciate the moment I guess.

But, there are some place that I managed to visit. Valley Point Shopping Center, Great World City and during my departure from the island, the infamous Queen Street Bus Station & Woodlands Checkpoint.

Do I need to mention Esso Gas Station and 7Eleven too?

Going out from Singapore via shuttle bus is one hell of process. Waiting one hour at bus station, travelling 30 minutes and spend another hour to get out from Woodlands. 30 minutes stucked at Causeway is mindfuck.

Luckily, everything goes smooth at Malaysia side (Bangunan Sultan Iskandar). Just a scan at passport and that’s it. Thank God.

But, I still confused either Johor is a state or a new country because of their patriotism for the state in public. And JDT FC billboard too. It’s everywhere!


Either way, that’s the end of it. Another flight from Senai Airport to Penang Airport before heading to Perlis (UniMAP) via Rapid Penang, ferry (I have no idea why I go for it) and shuttle bus after I missed my commuter train for my Industrial Training presentation.

But that’s for another script later on. Cheers.

*Luaskan kuasamu*


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