In The Midst Of Hardship

Last time, I had mentioned about my week in Perth (Perlis) for internship’s presentation in UniMAP. I’m going to write a story about it.

But, I think it’s better to start with the hardship while reaching the destination first.

After a week of taking a break in Singapore, I cross the Causeway (which I told about it before, what a tiring steps) and heading to Senai Airport for my flight to Penang Airport via Air Asia, again.

Wait, why Penang? Well, there is no direct flight to Kedah Airport (Kepala Batas, Loq Staq) from Senai airport AND Changi airport so I pick Penang as the landing site. Sounds like a plan.


(Waiting for the goddamn boarding gate to open)

After arriving in Penang, I tried to find a cab but it’s nowhere in sight (just a bunch of limos, like hell I will pay for it). As time is consuming, I found that a shuttle bus (Rapid Penang) from airport to jetty is available.

Seriously, I have no idea why I go for it. Maybe because I have never tried to board a ferry to cross from the island to the mainland. So I took the risk of never tried taking a ferry AND Rapid Penang to experience it myself.

Unfortunately, I thought it was a direct ride that in fact it was actually stopping at each bus stop eveytime the driver sees it. Especially the moment when the bus travels in Georgetown. What the fuck is going on.

I finally arrive at the jetty. Waiting for half an hour before the ferry arrives. The journey is quite relaxing. The sound of waves, birds flying above the ferry. Those twenty minutes is quite not enough.


(If only I got a better camera, a better smartphone)

And that’s when nightmare happens.

I realized that I already late for my commuter train to Padang Besar. And I’ve been relaxed in the ferry. At the moment when the door opened, I make a giant leap to the train station. Five more minutes before the train departed.

Since the El Nino season is already begun and the distance from the jetty to the station is quite a lot, I bathed in my own sweat together with my long sleeves shirt. While holding along my luggage and wearing a backpack.

“Why the hell I wearing that shit.”

Finally, I arrived at the station. But the ticket counter is on top of it, at the farthest side. I need to climb the stairs, walking for a distance before reaching the counter just to buy a ticket, walking again and climb down the stairs.

“Who’s the bloody architect? Why the fuck you place the counter at the farthest place in the station for God sake?!”

That was my exact monologue at the moment. True story.

And yeah, I missed my train. About 10 minutes late. I never thought the effeciency of the train here is great.

The counter said the next train will arrive in two hours. But I don’t have that much time. I need to arrive in Perlis before midnight. Then, I make another quick decision, took an express bus to Perlis.

I called my colleague that have experience of taking the bus from there, ask about the bus schedule and she said the bus departs at 7.00 PM. Then I checked my watch.

6.50 PM. Really?

**Fuck my life.**

I took the luggage and running again for the golden ticket. The bus station is in the same area as the jetty and train station but the distance is still a lot. I again, took a bath of my own sweat on top of my dried sweat.

Fortunately, I made it. I bought the ticket and take the bus to Kangar before heading to Padang Besar via taxi (don’t judge me).


(Ridiculously photogenic exhausted face)

During the hardship, an auntie from airport is helping me on taking a bus. She also wanted to take the ferry so she asked me to follow her. Then, we separated after arrived as I’m heading to train station while she goes for bus station.

The funny story, when she saw me at the bus station, she’s quite in shock as she thought I already travelled in train.

“Haiyaa why are you still here?” We’re laughed together as we waiting for our buses.

I’m forever in her debt. Thank you, auntie.

I arrived at Padang Besar, starving and exhausted. But the journey is worth the money even it cost me so much energy, time and space. If I not carrying a luggage, the journey would be much more enjoyable.

Maybe I’ll update about the presentation later.


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