Update 5.2

Yeayyyy, another dotted update.

I’m now in Singapore, the most expensive city in the world (seriously, for THREE years in the row) after a brief time in Jengka. I used to visit it for a week after internship but now I planning to stay for a month.

But, the electronic devices is quite reasonable here. Weird.

Last week, I also spending some times in Johor Bahru for well, shopping. Don’t ever think to shopping in Singapore except for electronic devices and some groceries. It’s a massacre to your wallet.

I also spending time walking around the area as the last time I visited this city was 4 years ago. And I didn’t even remember the surrounding of my last visit. The city is totally different from before.

As my plan to continue working at Company A scrapped, I’m trying to enjoy my stay at Singapore. At least for a month. While waiting for the stuff from Perlis along with the TV, my PC, etc.

After that, I can think about searching for a part-time job or just helping my uncle in his cafe. Which is quite interesting.

But seriously, what kind of mover service is this? Almost a month since the move and the contena is still nowhere in sight. For real, I can’t stand using the same clothes when going out even for a walk.

Well, at least the selection for Internet Service Provider here is much better than in Malaysia. Six telcos to select and their price is very reasonable. Most of the offered plans are 1Gbps speed at 50$. Wait what?

1000Mbps download speed (we talking about unlimited data here) with the price of 50$? It’s about RM150 in Malaysia. That’s fucking cheap. Seriously. Don’t even compare it with Malaysia. It’s out of the league.

Malaysia’s main telco is TM, and RM150 can get you 4Mbps speed and garbage router that always lose connection. This is what monopoly gives us, a crap package with ridiculously expensive price.

Even TM’s best package, Unifi Pro with 100Mbps speed is priced at RM329, which is way more ridiculous. Time Fibre putting the price tag of RM299 for it’s 500Mbps but limited to some area in KL and Selangor.

In summary, the internet price in Malaysia is so damn high. Fuck you, TM.

So, I’m planning to subscribe the MyRepublic 1Gbps internet plan because one of the plan is off contract so it’s good enough for me.

Besides, I don’t know how long my family will live here.

*Better prepare for the worst.*


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