Oh Maxis!

Oh Maxis, what have you done?

Once, your telco is one of the best in the country with broad coverage and fast LTE network. Now, it maybe the crappiest telco of all time.

Not that I mean crap service. The service is fine (it’s one of the most stable network). Nothing changed about that. What I’m focusing right now is your price, your data and your customer service.

I’ve been a loyal Maxis user for 11 years, since 2005. I remember when I get excited to bought Caller Ringtone via Hotlink and ask my friends to make a call so they can hear my purchased song.

In the day where mobile internet is invalid, that feeling is so honest.

Now after upgrading from SurfMore 50 to MaxisOne 98, I still feeling insulted.

Before, SurfMore 50 gives me 2GB of data with free calls and SMS (don’t remember how much). I got a call from Maxis (actually my dad since my number is supplementary line lol) and got an offer to upgrade to MaxisOne 98.

The MaxisOne 98’s original plan supposed to give me 1GB of data with unlimited calls and SMS. It sounds like a downgrade right?

Instead, they give me 3GB of free data along with the 1GB for the first month and the next month, the data will be officially 5GB. I quite thrilled with the news until I realized that it is still expensive than other telcos.

For instance, Celcom First Gold offered RM80 for 10GB (5GB weekdays, 5GB weekends) while Digi Postpaid offered RM78 for 7GB all day. Celcom offer both unlimited calls and SMS, Digi offer only unlimited calls.

Both telcos can carry forward unused data, unlike Maxis.

Compare to my MaxisOne, RM98 for 5GB along with unlimited calls and SMS.

And here’s the catch, it’s two years contract. Fuck you, Maxis.

Turns out the offers is actually an upgraded plans with more data to keep up with other telcos. The upgrade will effective in May. But they did not update the price to make it more competitive. Genius.


(I’ve been tricked all this time. Dammit Maxis)

But since I already accept the offer, I guess I need to wait before I made my decision to port my line to other telcos. Maybe I will get a counter-offer to stay with Maxis.

Dear Maxis, please offer a better plan with competitive price and relevant amount of data. Nobody wants to pay RM30 for 1GB of data for God sake.

By the way, there have been a issue (more to scandal) about Maxis ignoring their loyal subscribers by counter-offers the people who opt to port their lines. You can read it here, here and the original complained from Lowyat Forum here.

Update 1 : 22 April 2016, 3.20PM

Apparently, it’s all just a misunderstanding.
My 1GB internet is the one who get upgraded to 5GB. So, my MaxisOne 98 plan quota is 5GB internet. The 3GB is free for this month to all MaxisOne user.

This is the real news to me.

When I agreed to upgrade from SurfMore 50 to MaxisOne 98, the deal is I got extra 4GB for the rest of contract along with the 1GB. But, when they upgrade the quota, 1GB become 5GB.

So, my quota now are 5GB AND 4GB to become 9GB at the same price of RM98. Not too shabby.

However, it’s still expensive compared to other telco. And you still cannot stop your subscriber to port their number. It’s just too late, dear Maxis. Sorry.

Anyway, I won’t port my number. I’ll stick with Maxis.

Update 2 : 25 April 2016, 3.50AM

Meh, the 4GB quota is gone. So, the only left is 5GB and the free 3GB for this month. Dammit Maxis.


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