Opinion : Flagship Smartphone of 2016

This year is quite interesting.
It’s a mixbag of excitement and a letdown.

The specs getting more powerful than before but not a lot of change in design with much less innovation. It’s finally stuck out of idea.

But well, most of the smartphone did improve in some parts (and some quite worsen). So, here is the most anticipated flagship smartphone of 2016.


Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge

The flagship from the Korean giant is quite an improvement from the former S6 and S6 Edge. It feels solid in hand, much nicer to hold (like holding a Note 5) but still slippery and a fingerprint magnet.

Here’s the interesting part;

Bigger battery, better specs, interesting camera with better low light photo (f/1.7 aperture dude!) with the return of MicroSD (welcome home) and introduction of waterproof (it doesn’t have any flaps with it).

The not so interesting part;

Same glass-aluminium design (it’s slightly thicker but still thin as hell), same front fingerprint scanner, same dull single speaker, and same, same Touchwiz.

God I still hate Touchwiz. Yes it’s improve in speed (literally), but I’m not like the design.



Here my friend, is the most drastically change of design from their former flagship. The back is now aluminum but still have their removable battery (which is now detachable from the bottom of the phone instead from back).

But, the design gives us the most polarized opinion of all time.

The front is clean and sleek, while the back is simple, dull and weird (notice the cyclops lens with camera hump). I love the front, but I much prefer Nexus 6P’s back than this one.

The specs is quite similar to Galaxy S7 except for dual 16MP & 8MP rear camera, back fingerprint scanner, smaller battery (the older G4 has bigger battery) and much worse LG UX skin.


Huawei P9 and P9 Plus

The manufacturer of Google Nexus 6P is now updated their flagship smartphone with taking some inspiration from the 6P’s back design.

It’s elegan, clean and not look so similar to iPhone 5s anymore (their former P8 is a resemblance to the 5s).

The rear camera is dual 12MP f/2.2 with Leica lens, their own manufactured Kirin 955 processor with similar specs to other flagship and fingerprint scanner at the back.

Unfortunately, single speaker at bottom instead of dual stereo front facing speaker and a bit off EMUI skin. Seriously, why so many manufacturer wants to copy iOS?


iPhone SE

Yes I know it’s not a flagship but I would consider it as a compact flagship. It’s basically the same design of 5s with same specs of 6s. Except it doesn’t have Force Touch and have a lower 1.2MP front camera (seriously?).


Sony Xperia X Performance

The upcoming flagship from the new X series doesn’t have any significant change like the Z5 (or any their old flagship before) except for the aluminium back instead of glass.

We still have their dual stereo front facing speaker, waterproof, fingerprint scanner at side, dedicated camera button and high 23MP f/2.0 with crap image processing. Yes, it’s terrible.

Seriously Sony, fix your goddamn image processing. It’s buggy and the image look so bad even with your powerful lens.


HTC 10 (rumour)

The new flagship from the Taiwanese manufacturer is rumoured to have quite the same specs as the other flagship while the leaked photo of the phone is expected to be the final design.

The back is been altered a little bit from their older flagship. It now have chamfered edge while the design is quite the same as older One M9. Or One M8. Or One M7. You get the point.

The front, however, is quite a different story. It now have fingerprint scanner at front (means no more software navigation button), no more black bar & big HTC logo that takes so much space and unfortunately, no more dual stereo front facing speaker (or Boomsound). (Turns out the speakers is still dual stereo speaker except the usual speakers below the display is now at botttom of the phone)

Let’s just hope I’m wrong but as I look at it, it looks legit.

There are some flagship that I not review like Xiaomi Mi5 and Oppo F1 Plus. You can go and check it out online. The price is now very competitive so even the middle range phone is packed with interesting specs.

*But whatever the phone is, make a good choice.*

P/S: Every Android phone is equipped with the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Update : 14 April 2016, 3.07AM

The HTC 10 is now official. As expected, the leaked design is the final design. The name is also true. The specs is quite the same like others but the difference here is the camera.

12MP f/1.8 rear camera with laser autofocus and 5MP f/1.8 front camera. Both camera have OIS.

Wait, both? Is that mean the front camera is also have OIS? Damnnnnnnnn.

And it also supports Apple Airplay, first of its kind. I mean for Android.


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