No money no talk.
But we can dream.

I have so many items that I desire so much or wish to upgrade for a better future. Well, literally. So, this is my wishlist for this year.



Since my Sony Xperia Z is aging so well I almost threw it to the floor for some reason, I’ll make smartphone as my primary target.

I’ve got my eyes on the new HTC 10 and Huawei P9. And maybe the next Sony flagship phone. Or the Nexus 6P. But it’s way too big for my hand.

But now I’m voting for the HTC 10. All because of premium feel, improved camera, stereo speakers and beautiful UI. Don’t forget the OIS on both side of camera.

Still no Samsung for me. Even the phone is a beast, you know how much I hate Touchwiz although it keeps getting better and better.

Graphic Card


Well, this is my Sapphire Radeon HD 5750 Vapor-X that I bought from my friend for fifty bucks. It’s dead.

When I set up the desktop after all the package arrive from my old house, the display didn’t come out on monitor. I tried to detach and attach it back, pull it out and in the display cable, but no luck.

The display came out when I connect the cable to the on-board graphic (read: Intel HD Graphics). So, I think the graphic card is broke. Fixing it will be a 50-50 chance so I think I just leave it be.

Now, I just displays it on my desk and remembering it’s former glory and it’s contribution toward my dream. Seriously, playing GTA V in 60 frames per second is a dream come true.

But, I’m totally need to buy a new one. I can’t play any new games with on-board graphic. It’s basically sucks.

I have enough trying so hard to play Assassin’s Creed Unity with the lowest setting, at 15 frames per second. No way I want to replicate that.

So, at least a graphic card with 4GB GDDR5 or 4GB HBM. Depending on the budget. Doesn’t matter if Nvidia or AMD.

Well, it does. Maybe Nvidia. But maybe the old one.

Others Related To Graphic Card

If I want to buy a graphic card, I also need to consider upgrading the power supply. It will need more power to power on the graphic card.

I also might need a new monitor. The one I used right now starts to shaking up and down whenever I used it (it occur since last year to be honest).

However, if I can get the TV from the new house, I might can use it. But only if I can managed to turn on the TV that arrived from my old house and buy the parts that missing (cable is nowhere in sight).


This one, maybe I’ll wait for Eid Mubarak or when I continue my degree in September. But totally a sneakers and futsal shoes.


Wait, do you even know what a repeater is?

It’s essentially used to extend the coverage area of WiFi network. It works by receiving existing WiFi signal, amplifying it and then transmitting the boosted signal (source: Pak Cik Google).

So, in my situation, the WiFi coverage is not good. I can’t even get a stable connection in the room. Not because of the speed, but it’s located in the front door!


(Ignore the cable management. It could get even worse than this)

Why I’m not moving it at the centre of the house? Well, simply because of Termination Point box is located there (small box beside wall socket). So, the modem (the black one on the table) stays there and the WiFi router needs to stay closer to the modem.

Oh, the setup is for fibre optic service. Thats why. It’s a 1Gbps internet that I’m talked about earlier.

And before I forgot, in order to connect the desktop to the internet via LAN, I need to connect the LAN cable hanging on the right of circuit box to the router. Well, the solution I can think right now is placing the router on top of circuit box.


(At least I can connect the LAN cable to the router high above the sea level)

One problem solved. But how about the poor WiFi coverage in the room? Don’t worry, I got you covered.

I set up my desktop and create an adhoc so I can connect my phone to the desktop. Now I’m using the internet from my desktop that is basically a hotspot. Genius.

Anyway, sorry for the tech language here. It’s a piece of tech obviously.


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