Update 5.3

This blog is starting to dust. It’s alright, I trying to catch up with you readers.


Anyway, I’m back to Perlis. Again.
What’s the reason for this time dear writer?

Curative Exam.
An exam where the student takes if they still stuck on their repeated subject. Which is mean repeating the subject with just taking the exam while lecturer will make an intensive class for two weeks.

The only requirement for my university if the student wants to take Curative Exam are:

1. The current semester must be the final semester.
2. The carry marks reach the requirement or more.

About 20 peoples attending this exam and I’ve finally done the exam yesterday. Now I just hope this would be the last exam for my diploma.

Right now, I just want to spend my times at here. Hanging out with friends, trying to do some activities, visit new place, eat a lot (I’ve gain more weight than before lol) and buying stuff in Padang Besar since I’m no longer lives there.

Well, I mean stuff for others. I just bought some. Not that much. Good enough.

After that, reality. For real.


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