FA Cup Champions

Let’s recap about yesterday’s 2016 FA Cup Final.

Crystal Palace vs. Manchester United.


Starting Lineup
(From top left) : Llama, Buta, Pokok, Mengecil, Marsial, Kereta Ford.
(From bottom left) : Mahali, Kunanlan, Baddrol, Shrek, Eye.

First half
Balanced attacking with lots of back pass. At least it is entertaining than before. 0-0 until the end of first half.

Second Half
Rojo gets injured, substituted with Darmian. Rashford also gets injured, then substituted with Young.

Then, Crystal Palace got their goal first from Puncheon. What a strike from him.

2 minutes later, Juan Mataaaaaaaaaa!


Marvelous play from our captain, Rooney before his crossing gets into Fellaini’s chest and Mata finished it with a half volley. Great combo.

Mata then gets substituted with Lingard. A questionable change from Van Gaal but the fans still have the faith.

Full time, Crystal Palace 1-1 Manchester United. We’re going to extra time.

1st Extra Time
More attacking threats from Palace especially our ex-player, Wilfried Zaha that keeps attacking the flank side. Darmian got a lot of job stopping him.

Then, Smalling gets a second yellow cards that leads to a red card after pulling the opponent’s leg. United become more desperate to defend and winning. Still 1-1 until the end.

2nd Extra Time
A lot of clear ball and more attacking from both side. Until a volley from a clearance makes us screaming loud and clear.

Jesse Lingarddddddddddd!


What a strike from him! The opponent’s keeper just stunned with that. Eventually got booked for taking his shirts off.

After that, United starts to play Malaysia.

Malaysia (term)
Clearing the ball without hesitate at all cost.

(Example) “United doing Malaysia right now.”

Park the bus, ultra defending.

Finally, the whistle gets blown. Manchester United are the FA Cup champions for the twelve time!


Rooney and Carrick finally gets their hand to the only cups they not get in the club’s career. Most of the player winning their first cup ever and some winning it since 2013 Community Shield with David Moyes.

A first cup from Louis Van Gaal. Maybe his only cup as the rumour gets stronger than ever. Jose Mourinho will be the new manager after this.


(The legends who don’t need to prove anything. Thank you for the cup, Van Gaal)

This is also might be the last match for Michael Carrick as he’s going to end his ten years tenure in Manchester United.


(Thank you for your service, legend)

Since Manchester United wins the cup, they automatically gets the slot to the Europa League and their unused slot in Premier League will be awarded to West Ham United.

You can thank us later.

Wembley is red! We are the champions!

*Glory Glory Manchester United*


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