Yes. You heard about it for months. Even before Van Gaal’s demise. This time, it is true. I’m not lying. Why would I?

The Special One, Jose Mourinho is the new Manchester United’s manager.


Is he the right choice? I don’t know. Since we already sacked two managers that we thought are the right successor to the great Sir Alex Ferguson.

Poor Moyes and Van Gaal. Right choice pffft.

But, actually I think Mourinho’s tactical is more suitable for United than the latter two. Moyes with his clueless tactics, Van Gaal with his “philosophy“.

With Mourinho, a more direct counter-attacking. Much like the old United. However, counter-attacking tends to rely on the defensive or we know it as park the bus.

Anyway, I quite thrilled to see the new United under him and what kind of players will he buys and sells. So many rumours, so many players to pick up.

But please don’t sell Mata and Herrera. We need The Three Amigos (alongside De Gea, he’s not for sale Real Madrid).

Otherwise, good luck Mou, The Devil One.

*Offense wins games. Defense wins championship*


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