New Kids On The Block

Step by step, ohh baby.

Sorry about the song. Who doesn’t know that song? (I guess only Running Man fans know it lol) Anyway, let me introduce to you the newcomer of my gadget.

Oh yes, it’s the bloody Samsung. After all the rant and complaint, I still pick up this monster. Maybe I want to give Sammy another chance.


(The newcomer Galaxy S7 with the veteran Xperia Z)

The regular S7 is my choice instead of the more bigger battery and bigger screen S7 Edge. Only for one reason.

I hate the Edge screen.

It doesn’t feel good in hand and adding to it, the already slippery back glass surface. The regular S7 feels more comfortable to hold although it’s still slippery as hell.

I’ve been using this phone for about a week now and to be honest, it’s not that bad.

The phone has a flagship specs like other flagship phone. We got Exynos 8890 octa-core processor with 4GB of RAM and 32GB storage. The USA variant got the quad-core Snapdragon 820.

And welcome back MicroSD card. We missed you.

The Quad HD SAMOLED display is vibrant but pleasure to look. But I tuned it down a little bit to make it more natural to my eye. By the way, the black colour is superb.

The 12MP camera with f1.7 aperture is one of the best and it is fun using it. Even for an amateur photographer like me, the result photo never disappointing me. Just point, shoot and you will amazed with it.


(This cake looks delicious)


(The lady statue feels honoured to be in the photo)


(5MP front camera. It’s been a while)

Waterproofing is a good addition although I didn’t try it yet because I’m cautious with my belonging lol. It gives you an alert if your port is still wet when you tried to charge the phone. Cool.

The battery life is good, it can last me a full day with regular usage and airplane mode (since I’m at Singapore and I didn’t buy the simcard). But if I start to play games heavily, prepare yourself to be a wall hugger.

Luckily the charging time is fast thanks to Quick Charge 2.0 and wireless charging pad that I got for free from Maxis (yes I still using Maxis). I got around four and a half hour of screen time.

The phone itself is surprisingly smooth (but not that fast) considering Samsung’s past with laggy Touchwiz. Less bloat now but still heavily skin. Not my favourite. Nova Launcher ftw.


(Not my thing. What’s with the rounded square icon? Euw)


(So material. Much better. Wow)

At least it has Theme Store to compensate my lost feeling using stock Android skin like in my old Sony. A lot of choices. Forgiven.


(If you’re using S7 or S6, this is my recommended theme)

The things that I think can improve in future is the speaker for my problematic ear and fingerprint scanner for my glorious finger.

The bottom speaker is subpar and it can be muffled easily. Typical problem when you copying Apple layout, Samsung. But waterproofing make it worse.

The front facing stereo speaker is much more convenient in my opinion.

The fingerprint scanner is 50-50. Sometimes it can read it marvelously. Sometimes it’s ridiculously sucks. Need to retry it multiple times to make it work like charm.

One more thing.
Remove the bloody Briefing Flipboard page for God sake. It’s slow, heavy and gives Samsung a bad name. Exterminate! (Read: disable)


(No! No! No! Oh God No!)

Overall, a solid all-rounder smartphone that can beat iPhone’s camera easily. Hats off. Except for smoothness. iOS is still a benchmark to all other manufacturer.

But, this change my perspective about Samsung even for a little bit. It’s enjoyable to use with no problem at all. Good job Sammy.

*Glorious Android Mustard Race*


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