Update 6.1

Oh it’s been a while.

About two weeks since Hari Raya Aidilfitri (or Eid Mubarak according to others). This year, it’s my mom’s turn. Jengka, Pahang. Everyone except Pak Uteh’s family is here (he’s not getting the break).

Day 1 is Chocolate Rain (search it, you won’t regret). Baju Melayu Teluk Belanga is my choice for this year. Finally I can wear sampin inside the shirts.

Day 2 is Blue’s Gang. Not sure why I’m showing towards the sky. Maybe it’s a bird, maybe it’s flying, but definitely not Superman.

Day 3 is random kurta and we went to my dad’s hometown, Kuala Pilah at Negeri Sembilan. Why skip the opposite when you can go to both place at certain time?

(Never underestimate the power of self pose)

Day 4 is random (so sad) and it’s just another day visiting relatives before ending the trip at the next day. Well, have some rest too after eating all the time (true story).

(Holding your breath when someone’s fart)

Day 5 is the travelling day. Sending back my sister to her college and spend most of the day stuck in traffic jam at highway. I thought the jammed is only for the traffic heading to KL.

But I’m heading to Singapore. Through JB.

I never be this wrong in my entire lifetime.

Later guys.

All my other photos can be viewed on my Instagram.


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