Update 6.2

I’m absolutely forgot to update this blog. So many events occur during this missed period.

So, I am sorry and this is the summary of recent events for the past couple of weeks (or maybe months) in general.

EURO 2016
Since my team Germany been knocked out in semi final, I’m like WTF is going on. But hey, Portugal wins. Against France, in their own home soil. Cristiano Ronaldo finally wins a cup for his country.

(Still the best ever photo taken in the tournament)

Your turn, Messi.

Olympics 2016
Asides from Usain Bolt retaining his golds in his event and Michael Phelps got beaten by a Singaporean in his final Olympic, this edition is by far Malaysia‘s best achivement in the biggest sports event on the planet. Four silver medals and one bronze medal.

First ever medal from Men’s Keirin for bronze and a silver from Women’s Syncronized 10m Platform. The rest of silver medals are from Badminton (first ever for mix double).

Unfortunately, it’s included Dato’ Lee Chong Wei. Beats his longtime nemesis Lin Dan after got beaten for the past two editions but still face another heartbreak. Nonetheless, what an achievement that was. Simply a legend. Three silver medals in three successive Olympics.

(Last Olympic for both legends)

Thank you for everything, Lee Chong Wei.

Manchester United’s update
I’ll post in a separate script later.

My Update (in summary)
For the past month, I’ve helping my mom taking care of her food stall. A cafeteria in the embassy at Singapore where I resides (she’s working there). It’s a good experience.

(Just another day with a cup of teh tarik selling good food. Totally not a coffee guy and I’m not promoting this lol)

But then, I got a letter.

An offer letter to continue my study and pursue a degree (in computer network) at my previous university. Good thing right?

Anyway, since I’ll continue the study, the food stall will stall (sorry for the pun) and nobody’s left to take care of it. Thus, a break for a few months before any of the siblings (me, my brother and sister) would come home in semester break.

A week left before the registration and spending some time at Jengka would be a good one. And it’s rambutan harvesting time. Oh yeah.

(But first, lemme play ice skating)

Tet tett tetetet tettt tettt.


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