Update 7.0 & A Little Rant

This update is faster than as same as Android’s version. Two Three version late than iOS. Nevermind.

I’m back at Perlis after leaving it for 3 months (since my last visit due to currative exam). Now, I came back for my study in my previous university. This time, it’s for the degree scroll.

During the first week, I have to go through the orientation week. It’s fine. Not that bad but totally can be improved later on. Too much talk within 4 days of programme.

Especially one day when we have 5 talks from different university departments within 3 hours. Then another 2 in the next hour. Seriously haven’t you guys feel asleep yet???

(I took this picture before I fall in sleep, again)

The food is just so so. Sometimes it’s one of the best food I’ve ever taste, sometimes it’s crap. I mean uneatable because it’s RAW.

Not that WWE segments, I mean not fully cooked.

But man, the university management is the worst. It’s not that I want to spread the bad info about my university (you know where), it’s just so bad that I almost lose my temper.

The registration day is one of my worst experience during registering myself in any institution before. It’s messy, unorganized and so many last minute decision by the management.

Especially about college placement. It just so wrong. The new college is not finish in time, so they moved us in other college near the campus. And oh my God, it’s so packed with vehicle.

Parent’s car filling all the road and make it one way (this kind of behavior, fuck off. They just distress others that want to go to opposite direction), no parking in the college area and cars cannot go in and out.

Thank God I didn’t took the photo.

Since I’m coming alone all the way from Pahang, I took a ride with my Indian buddy that come with a cab after finishing the registration to the temporary college. The driver surely pissed off like us.

Golongan mcm ni yg menyusahkan org lain, pentingkan diri sendiri & melanggar peraturan. Pergi mampus.

After the orientation ends, they moved us to the college that we’re supposed to move in before. Just think how many baggages, bags and boxes that we need to carry.

Now, imagine women’s stuff. Double the men.

Hey, at least they provide lorry to transfer the stuff. Surely it takes a lot of time.

(At least my bed is looking good and neat)

By the way, the new bus system sucks. What’s the point of changing the new company if the drivers behavior are still the same and they still not provide buses for student?

Yet, you guys pissed off when so many students decided to bring their own vehicle although your provided transportation is so full of shite. You asked us to be grateful.

This is our rights to complain about your management dammit. If you do it good, I wouldn’t mind at all. But you know it’s so bad when the seniors are also complaining the same thing.

So, either do something or we just break the rules. Because rules are meant to be broken.

**By the way, where’s the bicycle????*


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