Sakura International Buffet (Clementi, Singapore)

Kinda like a review, but just follow the flow.

Last Friday, my family and I went to one of the branches for Sakura International Buffet restaurant, in Clementi. I expect good food and good environment in there.

(It’s like a former country club area, good view I guess)

The waiters are friendly and helpful (maybe because most of them are Malays lol). They also tried their best to promote their signature food. A good sign for good customer service.

The area inside the restaurant is quite big. A long corridor consist of food counters before we found the table for seating.

(Trying some of the food. Notice my sister’s face)

The food is for me, good enough after consider what we have pay for the food per head. It’s buffet remember? Some of it are quite delicious, some of it are so-so, one or two of the dishes are meh.

However, comparing the restaurant with a big name like Carousel, Sakura is much a cheaper option albeit the food is not as fancy or as much as in Carousel. 

Anyway, what do you expect when you pay less. You get what you give

You give more, you get a fancy restaurant like Carousel. You give less, you get a modest restaurant like Sakura. If you’re lucky to get something like it. Or maybe you’ll find worse.

But oh my god, the view. I wish my future house will have this surrounding.

**Jalan-jalan cari makan**


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