Degree Life

Oh what a title.

My transition from Diploma life to Degree life is yet to be completed.

Why? Because it’s different.

Totally different in every aspect. I’m enjoying diploma life much more than degree life. How I miss Kuala Perlis so much.

Here in main campus, there’s not much things to do here. It’s quite isolated from town or place of attraction (that’s why I love Kuala Perlis even its beach is just a pile of mud).

(I mean, look at this mud!)

Less choice of restaurant (yes Che Mat & Nuryeera are the best) but if you once lived near a beach, you’ll know there’s so much choices to pick.

Trees! Where are you? It’s so hot in here.

(What is this, a trees for ants?)

Lack of petrol station and bank is also a major headache for me and the rest of students since the nearest town is about 15 minutes from campus.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

However, the things that got me frustrated is class schedule is so packed. Literally I have a little gap between classes.

Except in Tuesday and Wednesday. Friday is holiday for me.

Basically, if I didn’t take a break, literally I would be lifeless. Imagine classes up until night, then you need to make a revision because maybe tomorrow, you’ll have a quiz.

(I have no idea what the hell is this. Just kidding, I know.)

What if I don’t understand the lecture? Obviously I need to refer to my friends so that I can understand that. Hell no, you don’t have much time.

How am I can be a human if university want me to be a machine?

God I need a break.
Luckily, I did it.

**Thank you Kuala Perlis**

P/S: All pictures are taken from my Samsung Galaxy S7. Visit my Instagram for more of it lol.


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