Update 8.0


I’m so sorry. I truly am. I took a long time to update the blog. Too busy with my life right now. Blame the new semester for most part ot it.

I didn’t even post the Convocation Day story that I promised to write about. I’ll do it later on when I get a chance. Promise. *Pinky promise*

About the university management issue, just ignore that I’ve mention that. It’s not worth to write anyway. Since it took a lot of my time to fight for it and at the end, the result is nonexistent.

Oh by the way, a lot have happened to me during this five months.

  1. Final examination (Thank God I survived! Although the result is not that great)
  2. Semester break (A month on vacation and I got visitors at Singapore! Definitely will write about it)
  3. Second semester registration and I got my car back! (Kinda?) Just a brief restoration on it’s engine and exhaust. Oh and I repaint it too.
  4. Hiking around Perlis (This one too)
  5. Mid semester break (Maybe this one too)

I already update some of the picture on my Instagram although it’s just a glimpse from the story. Well, a couple of picture can’t tell a lot about it.

The semester is still ongoing. Lots of work to do. Just kidding. Too many holidays lol.

God, help me.


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