Empty Wonder

When you need someone but the person isn’t there. Never was, never will be. When you need to face the truth but you keep denying it. More excuses, more lies. When you need to let go of it but you still care. Can’t forget, can’t ignore. You’re still in love even with broken pieces of […]

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A Cat and A Rabbit

A stray cat, Resting on the ground, Roll over the yellow, drying grass. A small rabbit, Out of nowhere, Hopping around the grasses, Choosing the ideal meal. The rabbit stopped, Right in front of the drying grass, While the cat still laying on it. It hopped around the cat, Signalling it to move around. Eventually […]

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Long Distance

Long distance relationship, The ultimate test of love. Far from the eyes, Close to the heart, Further in distance, Closer in feeling. But is it accurate? Some people say, Distance is not a big problem. Some people think, Disappointment will come and go. They’re totally wrong. Hardship is routine, It’s totally frustration, Hope is diminish. […]

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Dear Putri

Do you remember? Our first conversation, After a long time in silence. About a yellow Lotus, In front of the bank. Asking me to own and drive it, While carrying you inside, One day. Do you remember? When I discovered your real name. Only knowing you as a princess, Actually just a normal citizen. I […]

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They forgot about my existence. They forgot that I still alive. They forgot about my news. They forgot me. Of course they don’t remember me. Unless I shout at them. I’m the one who need to ask them. “How are you? How’s your life?” I’m the one who start the conversation first. They don’t want […]

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