Update 6.2

I’m absolutely forgot to update this blog. So many events occur during this missed period. So, I am sorry and this is the summary of recent events for the past couple of weeks (or maybe months) in general. EURO 2016 Since my team Germany been knocked out in semi final, I’m like WTF is going […]

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Yes. You heard about it for months. Even before Van Gaal’s demise. This time, it is true. I’m not lying. Why would I? The Special One, Jose Mourinho is the new Manchester United’s manager. Is he the right choice? I don’t know. Since we already sacked two managers that we thought are the right successor […]

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FA Cup Champions

Let’s recap about yesterday’s 2016 FA Cup Final. Crystal Palace vs. Manchester United. Starting Lineup (From top left) : Llama, Buta, Pokok, Mengecil, Marsial, Kereta Ford. (From bottom left) : Mahali, Kunanlan, Baddrol, Shrek, Eye. First half Balanced attacking with lots of back pass. At least it is entertaining than before. 0-0 until the end […]

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No money no talk. But we can dream. I have so many items that I desire so much or wish to upgrade for a better future. Well, literally. So, this is my wishlist for this year. Smartphone Since my Sony Xperia Z is aging so well I almost threw it to the floor for some […]

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Last week was my last time being in Perlis as it’s citizen before moving to Singapore. But before I change my status to visitor, I’ve decided to try using train service to go back to KL. For the first time ever. In my life. And no, not the old diesel train that needs a day […]

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