Damn Danial. Back at it again with failed relationship. I know. Why so soon? I’ve been thinking about the same thing. I didn’t expected it to end this quickly, especially when I already found the perfect girl that ticked all the criteria I’m seaching for. I guess I was wrong. No matter how perfect this […]

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*I got the news quite late. Pardon me.* This is a very special moment for you. After all the hardship that occur to you, finally you’re getting into the next big step of the relationship. Engagement. Congratulation for it. You totally deserves it more than anybody else. I wish you and your partner a long […]

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Counting Days

Just want you to know that Manchester United won against Arsenal by 3-2 in Old Trafford. My reaction when Manchester United won against Arsenal using mostly “second squad” due to many injury of senior player. I mean like, 14 injuries yet we still win it against the likes of Ozil, Cech and Sanchez using our […]

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Day 24. Okay I still counting the day after she left. But I just count it for fun right now. Maybe to ease the pain? Who knows. Ever hear about The Pursuit of Happyness? Yes, it is spell like that. Not that I’m trying to be a grammar Nazi here but that’s the title. The […]

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Day 10. Still struggling to move on. Still viewing some of her photo that I didn’t delete yet. How beautiful she is. Still reading her old chat, her old message, her old comment, her quotes. I don’t know how long this would be. But everytime I remember her, automatically I searching anything that related to […]

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