Box of Memories

Why is it so hard to move on? Even after I already write about that here, it still a difficult step to get through. Although I already used to have this experience. Dammit. Even the simple step. Here. I’m intended to move all things that related to her (photo, video, song) away from my phone. […]

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Reality Check

*This is an epilogue for the Putri’s story. It’s a long ass script dedicated to her. It contains both usage of English and Bahasa Melayu. Also including some swearing. So, if you don’t understand, get a translator.* She’s gone, Out of my life. I was wrong, I’m to blame, I was so untrue. I can’t […]

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Last Wish

Dear Putri, I don’t know if you will read this post. I already post some of this words to your Whatsapp but apparently you already blocked my number. I guess you really want to stay away from me. It’s okay, I understand your intention. I guess my time is up. I gonna live up with […]

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A Cat and A Rabbit

A stray cat, Resting on the ground, Roll over the yellow, drying grass. A small rabbit, Out of nowhere, Hopping around the grasses, Choosing the ideal meal. The rabbit stopped, Right in front of the drying grass, While the cat still laying on it. It hopped around the cat, Signalling it to move around. Eventually […]

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Moonlight shines in the night, waiting for the sunrise. Sunlight brighten the day, fading for the moon. The day needs darkness, while the night needs light. You are my sunshine, and I will be your silent guardian. Hear me out, you’re always in my heart. I always keep thinking of you and I can’t explain […]

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