My State of Mind

Final examination. It’s that time again. When I’ll push my mind to the limit because I need to revise everything I’ve learned on that semester in a single week and hope for the best. Finger crossed. But now, I felt something. The same feeling when I fucked up (sorry, but it’s true) and end up […]

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Degree Life

Oh what a title. My transition from Diploma life to Degree life is yet to be completed. Why? Because it’s different. Totally different in every aspect. I’m enjoying diploma life much more than degree life. How I miss Kuala Perlis so much. Here in main campus, there’s not much things to do here. It’s quite […]

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New Kids On The Block

Step by step, ohh baby. Sorry about the song. Who doesn’t know that song? (I guess only Running Man fans know it lol) Anyway, let me introduce to you the newcomer of my gadget. Oh yes, it’s the bloody Samsung. After all the rant and complaint, I still pick up this monster. Maybe I want […]

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FA Cup Champions

Let’s recap about yesterday’s 2016 FA Cup Final. Crystal Palace vs. Manchester United. Starting Lineup (From top left) : Llama, Buta, Pokok, Mengecil, Marsial, Kereta Ford. (From bottom left) : Mahali, Kunanlan, Baddrol, Shrek, Eye. First half Balanced attacking with lots of back pass. At least it is entertaining than before. 0-0 until the end […]

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