Update 7.2

I’m sorry. I’ve been too busy with degree life. I thought it would be quite the same like in diploma. I was wrong. Degree is on another level. It’s ridiculous. I’ll update about my convocation day later on. I keep it fot a long time until at some point I almost forgot about it. Maybe […]

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Update 7.1

This week and beyond are going to be super busy. Start from this Friday, I will encounter with each subject’s test. Then, some of it have a deadline assignments that needs to be submitted by next week. Two weeks later, my convocation week. Damn. I don’t even collect my lounge suit from the tailor. Not […]

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Update 7.0 & A Little Rant

This update is faster than as same as Android’s version. Two Three version late than iOS. Nevermind. I’m back at Perlis after leaving it for 3 months (since my last visit due to currative exam). Now, I came back for my study in my previous university. This time, it’s for the degree scroll. During the first week, […]

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