Update 6.2

I’m absolutely forgot to update this blog. So many events occur during this missed period. So, I am sorry and this is the summary of recent events for the past couple of weeks (or maybe months) in general. EURO 2016 Since my team Germany been knocked out in semi final, I’m like WTF is going […]

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New Kids On The Block

Step by step, ohh baby. Sorry about the song. Who doesn’t know that song? (I guess only Running Man fans know it lol) Anyway, let me introduce to you the newcomer of my gadget. Oh yes, it’s the bloody Samsung. After all the rant and complaint, I still pick up this monster. Maybe I want […]

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Oh Maxis!

Oh Maxis, what have you done? Once, your telco is one of the best in the country with broad coverage and fast LTE network. Now, it maybe the crappiest telco of all time. Not that I mean crap service. The service is fine (it’s one of the most stable network). Nothing changed about that.¬†What I’m […]

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