Update 9.1.1

*I should fix the numbering update. The number is catching up* Guess who’s back. Back again. I am back. Tell a friend. (Thank you Slim Shady) To the new semester. Luckily I survived the previous one. Thank God (but pass on the fences, again). This semester will be the, if not the toughest one by […]

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Update 9.1

Quick update. This incoming weeks and months will be one of the most important time to me. A big, new mission. Final exam. Yeay! I’m screwed. Same stories like last semester. This week is packed with test & presentation for my group’s mini project. This would be fun. For the first time ever, I will […]

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Update 9.0

5 MONTHS! I’m so sorry. I truly am. I took a long time to update the blog. Too busy with my life right now. Blame the new semester for most part ot it. I didn’t even post the Convocation Day story that I promised to write about. I’ll do it later on when I get […]

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Degree Life

Oh what a title. My transition from Diploma life to Degree life is yet to be completed. Why? Because it’s different. Totally different in every aspect. I’m enjoying diploma life much more than degree life. How I miss Kuala Perlis so much. Here in main campus, there’s not much things to do here. It’s quite […]

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