Update 8.0 & A Little Rant

This update is faster than Android’s version. Two version late than iOS. Nevermind. I’m back at Perlis after leaving it for 3 months (since my last visit due to currative exam). Now, I came back for my study in my previous university. This time, it’s for the degree scroll. During the first week, I have […]

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Empty Wonder

When you need someone but the person isn’t there. Never was, never will be. When you need to face the truth but you keep denying it. More excuses, more lies. When you need to let go of it but you still care. Can’t forget, can’t ignore. You’re still in love even with broken pieces of […]

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Update 7.2

I’m absolutely forgot to update this blog. So many events occur during this missed period. So, I am sorry and this is the summary of recent events for the past couple of weeks (or maybe months) in general. EURO 2016 Since my team Germany been knocked out in semi final, I’m like WTF is going […]

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Update 7.1

Oh it’s been a while. About two weeks since Hari Raya Aidilfitri (or Eid Mubarak according to others). This year, it’s my mom’s turn. Jengka, Pahang. Everyone except Pak Uteh’s family is here (he’s not getting the break). Day 1 is Chocolate Rain (search it, you won’t regret). Baju Melayu Teluk Belanga is my choice […]

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