Hey, it’s my birthday. I don’t know how to start it but, it’s quite a surprise. Like, really a surprise. I got gifts from Abah and cakes from Mama (with balloon!) while they’re in the South and I’m in the North. So she’s definitely ask her friends to do a surprise to me. To be […]

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Update 8.1.2

*Why am I even bothered with the numbering again? Because it’s my blog get it?* It’s a me, again. Failed in relationship, again. Failed to move on, again. Struggle with my study, again. Failed to start my work out, again. Having sleeping disorder, wait that’s new. I have chronic sleeping disorder now. I can’t sleep […]

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Update 8.1.1

*I should fix the numbering update. The number is catching up* *Fix it for now. Now it’s Oreo!* Guess who’s back. Back again. I am back. Tell a friend. (Thank you Slim Shady) To the new semester. Luckily I survived the previous one. Thank God (but pass on the fences, again). This semester will be […]

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Update 8.1

Quick update. This incoming weeks and months will be one of the most important time to me. A big, new mission. Final exam. Yeay! I’m screwed. Same stories like last semester. This week is packed with test & presentation for my group’s mini project. This would be fun. For the first time ever, I will […]

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Update 8.0

5 MONTHS! I’m so sorry. I truly am. I took a long time to update the blog. Too busy with my life right now. Blame the new semester for most part ot it. I didn’t even post the Convocation Day story that I promised to write about. I’ll do it later on when I get […]

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