Update 7.2

I’m sorry. I’ve been too busy with degree life. I thought it would be quite the same like in diploma. I was wrong. Degree is on another level. It’s ridiculous. I’ll update about my convocation day later on. I keep it fot a long time until at some point I almost forgot about it. Maybe […]

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Update 7.1

This week and beyond are going to be super busy. Start from this Friday, I will encounter with each subject’s test. Then, some of it have a deadline assignments that needs to be submitted by next week. Two weeks later, my convocation week. Damn. I don’t even collect my lounge suit from the tailor. Not […]

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Degree Life

Oh what a title. My transition from Diploma life to Degree life is yet to be completed. Why? Because it’s different. Totally different in every aspect. I’m enjoying diploma life much more than degree life. How I miss Kuala Perlis so much. Here in main campus, there’s not much things to do here. It’s quite […]

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Update 7.0 & A Little Rant

This update is faster than as same as Android’s version. Two Three version late than iOS. Nevermind. I’m back at Perlis after leaving it for 3 months (since my last visit due to currative exam). Now, I came back for my study in my previous university. This time, it’s for the degree scroll. During the first week, […]

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